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Kicking arse

Posted by | August 18, 2015 | illustration, Kickstarter, personal | No Comments


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I’m finally breaking the dry streak – I have too many exciting things going on that I want to be able to share with everyone!

So! The amazing Kickstarter campaign success!!! It still makes me giddy just thinking about that first 24 hours. I’d been out of the creative spotlight for a good 12 months since moving to London and wasn’t sure how my new work would be received, I mean yes, I had some really positive feedback on my social media pages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people would buy stuff! And crowd funding is a little odd and confusing to some, so that was a potential barrier too. But when my first pledge came through from an old high school friend (for a Playing with Stardust print), I was so stoked and told him hopefully I’ll make my £500 goal and be able to get his print to him, he responded ever so casually, “You’ll have reached your goal by tomorrow”.

I thought that was very kind of him, but still thought to reach my goal within the month was going to be a stretch.

However, to my complete shock, he was right! I ended up smashing the goal within 24 hours and kept going strong over the next few days.

The first couple of nights since the campaign launched I hardly slept as a lot of my social media following is based in Australia, which meant they were awake and asking questions and making pledges while I should have been asleep! The adrenaline kept me going during the days though, so I didn’t mind 🙂 The backers were mainly Facebook followers, friends and family, then a few total strangers pledged who found my campaign via the Kickstarter website. Amazing.


The thrill of that email from Kickstarter saying your campaign has been fully funded, is awesome. Although, when I read “..and we’ll transfer your funds in 14 days”, I couldn’t help feeling a little deflated, just a little. Having to tell all my supporters to wait an extra two weeks before I could even place the print order felt a bit crappy, but everyone has been so wonderful and patient.


Kickstarter took 14 days exactly to transfer the funds, then I requested printer proofs (pic above is my excitement receiving them) and the quality was stunning so I went ahead and ordered a bunch of limited edition archival prints, open run prints and hundreds of greeting cards. I then spent a whole weekend folding cards, signing prints, ticking off spreadsheets and packing everything. I was in the zone, and it felt awesome. I got all 42 orders out on schedule and am starting to hear of people’s reactions upon receiving them now, which is really lovely.

My overall experience with the Kickstarter campaign was so exciting and has really injected me with so much drive to push my work out there and continue creating new work. I’ve now been able to make my website shop and Etsy shop live again and I’ve applied to a few markets around London and thanks to the Kickstarter funds have been able to frame some prints to have the best little pop up stall I can create!

Watch this space as I’ll be sure to keep blogging as things happen. Thanks so much again to all the generous and amazing people who took part in the campaign, I hope you’re happy with your prints and cards, and feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve really helped me get my work out into the creative world again!


Alykat Creative Playing with Stardust framed print

Alykat Creative Wooly Coo Space Cowboy framed print

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