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Post Supergraph come-down

Posted by | February 24, 2014 | Event, illustration, personal | One Comment
Alykat Creative's fun and creative space / stall at Melbourne's first Supergraph market at the Royal Exhibition Building, where she sold out of the Carousel limited edition print and surprised even herself on the amazing demand and positive experience. Handmade bunting from The Design Court, ornate frames and a suitcase of greeting cards

What an amazing weekend!

I honestly did not expect what just happened!!! Since this was Supergraph’s first year and my first time having a solo booth, I just didn’t think I’d go as well as I did!

So it all started on Friday February 14…Valentine’s Day, and what better way to spend it than with one of your best friends setting up your stall in the gorgeous Royal Exhibition Building for an exciting weekend of design and illustration and showing off your creative work from the past couple of years!

I was biting the bullet to buy my own booth space plus the outlay of money and organising to get prints, framing and everything in between, it was a little scary but I decided the exposure and experience alone was worth it.

My financial goal for the weekend was to break even for the cost of the booth and before I knew it, BAM, exactly one hour into business on Friday night I met some lovely gentlemen dressed to impress who had been huddling to the side of my stall for a good 5-10 minutes, armed with animated hands and facial expressions, I was intrigued! Then, the leader of the pack came to my counter, pointed to my most expensive framed piece and said “We’ll take that one”. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually a bit nervous, partly due to the fact that this was my first transaction using the new PayPal app on my iPad and I was shitting myself that I’d stuff it up, but also because they were telling me where they planned on hanging my work: in the foyer of their new schmancy Restaurant, Prix Fixe, opening Feb 21 on the Paris end of Collins Street, Melbourne. La di da indeed!

After that one down, I was feeling a million bucks and to my surprise it was definitely just the start of a busy and positive weekend! Selling out of prints on the second day, I’m super lucky my printer is a champ and was happy to print me some extra stock on Saturday evening and even luckier my boyfriend was able to pick them up and drop them back to me so I could keep selling!

I had a feeling my Horses Will Play print could sell out as it was the most popular print in the stall, but when the last of the limited edition of 50 just flew out the door, literally leaving people asking for more, I couldn’t believe it – 2 years of steadily selling this print and all the sudden the last 16 were gone within a couple of days!

I also ended up making greeting cards on the spot as the cards were selling so fast and having to handwrite my website down for customers on love-heart post-it notes because I ran out of business cards and postcards, just insane!

I had put a cute little notepad at the front of my booth and just wrote the words “Say something nice” and boy did people say some lovely things! So much so that I’m going to dedicate my next blog post to sharing them. I met so many kind and creative people, some leads to further creative opportunities and even some new friends. I’m still working my way through a mammoth to-do-list one week on, but they’re all great things!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better Supergraph.


One Comment

  • Alyce says:

    So amazing. Sounds like you may need to branch out to NSW. I know the logistics of it all would be tough but I’m sure you are totally up to it. 🙂

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