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aaaaand we’re off!

Posted by | January 14, 2014 | personal | 6 Comments

Welcome to Alykat Creative!!!

I hope you enjoy the new website, I’m so excited – it’s been a long time coming! For years now I’ve wanted to have my own special space where I can share new work, work in progress and things that influence and generally interest me, and if other people are interested in that too, awesome!

Often I come across an amazing illustrator or cute design and tend to bug my friends with it via a text or email, but hopefully you guys will appreciate where I’m coming from, being fellow creatives, or just fellow lovers of awesome things.

A big event for me that’s coming up over the Valentines weekend (14-16th Feb) in Melbourne, is my first ever solo booth at Supergraph. Selling my limited edition prints unframed and in gorgeous ornate frames, as well as my hand embellished greeting cards. Lots of work to do to create a lovely space that will hopefully stand out amongst the amazing talent that’s to be there, but really exciting stuff! Lots more to come on that as we get closer!

I’ve got a few posts up my sleeve that I’ll share soon too, some illustration work I’ve done for Plan International Australia and some custom portrait gift ideas. I’m really looking forward to sharing the creative process and hearing your thoughts and feedback.

In the meantime, thank you so much for visiting the new site, please visit again soon and feel free to get in touch for any reason at all (cups of tea and dark chocolate are totally welcome also).

Alyson x


  • Gregory D says:

    Congratulations Alyson, well done on the site.
    Hope you get lots of visitors and have great success

    All the best

    Gregory D

    • admin says:

      Thanks Greg!!! Still fumbling around a bit, but so excited to grow with the site and blog and really make it something special!
      Your support is always hugely appreciated 🙂

  • Sinead says:

    Hi Alykat!

    I am making a special exception to my blog detox to say: ‘WOW!’

    What a beautiful website! I can’t wait to see more posts from you!

    Your biggest fan! x

  • Nonci says:

    A friend referred me to your website for inspiration on how to get started with my own dream to share my paintings and other artwork and boy is this fantastic inspiration!

    Wishing you well with everything in 2014!



    • alyson says:

      How lovely, thanks Nonci!! I too put off making a website for years as it just seemed like such a big task – but honestly, once you sit down, have a really good think about what you want and start, it’s so exciting, you’ll knock it over fairly quickly. Good luck and be sure to let me know once you’re live so I can check out your work 🙂

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